1. Cheque Payment

Cheque Payment should be crossed and made payable to "I.C.C.C Berhad" only with immediate effect.

The Management Of ICCC Bhd.

2 New Accounting Software
  Effective 01.01.2007, our new accounting software will present you with a presealed envelope and no official receipt will be issued except for cash payment. Thank You.
3. Defaulters, Please Take Note!
  Pursuant to the Club's Rules & regulations section 21.4 and with the approval of the Liaison Committee at the 4th Liaison Committee Meeting on the 8th March 2003, the Management will proceed to display the photographs and named of all defaulters at the "Club's Members' Notice Board and or other conspicuous parts of the Club's premises.

Defaulters are requested to make their remittances as soon as possible to enjoy uninterrupted membership privileges of signing at our F&B and other club outlets.
4. Late Payment Surcharge
  Please be informed that signing privileges and discounts will only be given to members upon presentation of membership cards with duly endorsed signatories for verification purposes.

All unpaid acounts must be settled on or before the date stipulated in the monthly account statements.

A 1.5% late payment surcharge will be imposed monthly on your outstanding amount and will be reflected in the following month's statement.
5. Monthly Subscription Offer
  Member pays subscription one year in advance will enjoy:
Promotion offer until further notice.
6. Glad To Be At Your Service
Wayne Lee
Operation Director ext. 238
Ricky Khong
Executive Director/Group General Manager ext. 248
Amy Lee
Secretary ext. 224
Lee Ming Yee
Regional Financial Controller ext. 226
Membership / Sales & Marketing / Promotions Department
Membership / Club Liaison Manager ext. 244
Kiran Kaur
Jr Club Liaison / Cashier & Sales Executive ext. 200
Simon Leong
Promotions & Sales Executive ext. 203
Danny Chua
F & B & Sales Executive ext. 236
Wong Chiow Ling - Jr. Promotions Executive ext. 231
Accounts Department

June Ng

Senior Accounts Executive ext. 221
Joyce Wang - Accounts Officer ext: 243
F & B Department
Eric Wong
Asst. F & B Manager ext. 234
Kelly Yong
Floor Executive ext. 210
Yatim Mustafa
Floor Executive ext. 205
Marco Chai - Jr. F & B Executive ext. 205
Jenny Lee - F & B Executive (I-Box KTV) ext. 249
William Ephren - Jr. F & B Executive (I-Box KTV) ext. 249